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This command cleans previously recorded files. If not already done, it will also call the Command Record before.

The cleaning process consists in:

  1. Analyzing recorded files to detect DC offsets
  2. Profiling recorded silence files to remove silent parts from recorded files (both simple analysis and FFT)
  3. Correcting DC offsets
  4. Removing silent parts from recorded files (noise gating)
  5. If calibration is needed:
    1. Cutting calibration files to keep only the relevant parts to be compared
    2. Cleaning the calibration files (same process as above)

It makes sure all files are ready for being calibrated, processed, mixed and delivered later.

[edit] Usage

> Clean --help
Clean.rb [--help] [--debug]  <ConfigFile>
       --help                       Display help
       --debug                      Activate debug logs

[edit] Files generated

  • Analysis results will be generated in MusicMaster/AnalyzeRecord
  • Cleaned recorded files will be generated in MusicMaster/Clean
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