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This command records all needed files. It makes sure all files are ready for being cleaned, calibrated, processed, mixed and delivered later.

Unless --recordedfilesprepared is specified, MusicMaster will ask the user to record files and will wait for Enter key hits for each file.

When recording a track, MusicMaster will ask to record the following files:

  1. The track itself.
  2. A silent file in the track's recording environment.
  3. In case of a calibration with another recording environment:
    1. An extract of the track in the track's recording environment.
    2. An extract of the track in the calibration environment.
    3. A silent file in the calibration environment.

It also asks the user to generate static wave files if they are not already present.

[edit] Usage

> Record --help
Record.rb [--help] [--debug] [--recordedfilesprepared] [--env <RecordingEnv>]* <ConfigFile>
       --help                       Display help
       --debug                      Activate debug logs
       --recordedfilesprepared      Recorded files are already prepared: no need to wait for user input while recording.
       --env <RecordingEnv>         Specify the recording environment to record. Can be used several times. If none specified, all environments will be recorded.

[edit] Files generated

  • Recorded files will be generated in MusicMaster/Record
  • Non-existing static audio files will be generated in MusicMaster/Wave
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