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List of processes in MusicMaster

Here is the current list of available processing plugins:

  • Process ApplyVolumeFct, applying a mathematical function to a WAV file's volume (useful for audio envelope).
  • Process Compressor, taking into account:
    • Any combination of RMS and Peak level values for profiling volumes.
    • Threshold, defined as a ratio or db value.
    • Ratio, defining the compression applied above threshold.
    • Attack and release, defined as a ratio (or db value) per time interval.
    • Look-ahead function for attack and release.
    • Minimal changes duration, allowing compressor to not change volumes at all if they are on a too short period.
  • Process Custom, displaying a message to indicate a manual process (useful for reminding the user to apply a given process manually).
  • Process Cut, extracting a part of the audio file.
  • Process CutFirstSignal, removing the first signal of an audio file (useful to remove sync beats).
  • Process DCShifter, applying a DC offset (useful to remove DC offsets).
  • Process GVerb, applying reverb (still manual, to be implemented later).
  • Process Normalize, normalizing (setting its peak level to 0dbFS).
  • Process SilenceInserter, inserting silent parts at the beginning and/or end of an audio file.
  • Process VolCorrection, applying a ratio (or db shift) to an audio file's volume.
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