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Writing configuration files for a mix: record.conf.rb

File record.conf.rb is used to describe the structure of a project. Then MusicMaster commands use this file to perform all necessary operations to record, process, produce the mix and deliver the files.

This file is a plain text file, written in the Ruby language. Please note however that Ruby language's knowledge is not necessary to write this file.


[edit] Basic file syntax

If you don't know Ruby, just follow those simple rules to write your configuration file:

  • The file begins with { and ends with }.
  • Every line starting with # is a comment: use it to describe whatever you want.
  • Blank lines are ignored, so you can use them to better present your configuration file.
  • Most sections are named with identifiers, of the form :<IdentifierName> (for example: :Recordings).
  • Each section contains a list of named attributes, and their associated value. These are written this way: :AttributeName1 => AttributeValue1, :AttributeName2 => AttributeValue2,... and can be split on several lines.
  • Attribute values can be of the following formats:
    • A string: "My value as a string"
    • A numeral (can be floating too): 5 or 4.3
    • A boolean value: true or false
    • A list, beginning with [, ending with ], with elements separated with ,, and that can be split on several lines too. For example: [ "My value 1", "My value 2", 74 ].
    • Another section, beginning with {, ending with } and containing other attributes.
  • Refer to configuration examples as they cover most of the possibilities encountered.

[edit] Overall file structure

The configuration is split into the 4 big following sections (please refer to each page for details):

  • Recordings: How to record, calibrate and process audio files
  • WaveFiles: How to process static audio files
  • Mix: How to mix audio files
  • Deliver: How to deliver mixes' results

Each section is optional: if your project does not have static audio, or if you don't want yet to configure how to mix your audio files, just omit the corresponding sections.

[edit] Example

Therefore the configuration file looks like this:


  :Recordings => {
    # Configuration of recordings
    # ...

  :WaveFiles => {
    # Configuration of static audio
    # ...

  :Mix => {
    # Mix configuration
    # ...

  :Deliver => {
    # Delivery configuration
    # ...


[edit] Configuration explorer

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